New Intro

Today’s bits of this and that:

This is not my first blog, but it’s a fresh version to coincide with how I am getting along in this little life of mine.


We moved from the Chicago, IL area to the middle of Tennessee. For numerous reasons. One being that I want to homestead more, well, ok not homestead but grow some of our food, have some chickens, live more simply. Hoping one day to find our children playing in a backyard measured in acres, not feet.


Why Tennessee? Because I have family here. Why grow our own food? Well. Because I love learning about nutrition, wellness, health and I am absolutely convinced the best food is the food you grow yourself. I want my kids to see chickens and love them, respect them and pick the eggs. I want my daughters to grab carrots and wipe the dirt off and eat it fresh. I want my daughters to appreciate a strong work ethic and feel good about a job well done. So as adults they don’t resolve to the conformity of being lazy and acting helpless. The best tools I hope to give my kids as a mom, is ingenuity, self-reliance, confidence and gratitude.

Goal for the week:

Eat more veggies. Make juice.

What  inspires me:

Vegan’s they truly are a dedicated group of peeps. I respect that.

Today’s Quote:

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

-Wayne Dyer

A Mentor of mine:

Kris Carr is just one of my many mentors.  On Valentine’s Day in 2003, she was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable stage 4 cancer. She embarked on a deep healing pilgrimage and nearly ten years later, she is thriving with cancer. She is quite the inspiration. I have never had cancer.  But I did the 21-day cleanse in her best-selling book, “Crazy Sexy Diet”. It was amazing.  It’s jam packed with all the nutrition and lifestyle tips anyone could need.  Check her out:


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