Small Thoughts on Fitness

Today’s bits of this and that: Can’t stop thinking about my weight and my carpal tunnel. It’s bothering me a lot. My weight is highest its ever been. My carpal tunnel is weakening my hands and making life much more difficult than it needs to be.
What? I am 41 and just had my 4th child.I have had 3 daughters in 6 years. It may not seem that dramatic to you, but it has take its toll on my body. Probably more than just my body, my mind, soul and even my eyes just aren’t the same. I have gained so much weight that I refuse to look at myself in the mirror most of the time. I can’t stand leaving the house because I hate the way my clothes look on me. I wont buy clothes because I dont want to stay chunky. I am generally a wretched bitch because of my weight issues. It is also painful, because my hands and arms hurt, feel swollen, tingle and are generally weakening.
Why? It bothers me because I have never been a big girl and this carpal tunnel makes it hard to sleep, hold the baby and do everyday tasks that I should be able to take for granted. Like right now as I type my right hand is tingling and hurts. I know I need to work on losing weight, exercising and finding some zen…but for the life of me I just don’t know where to start. I now the correct thought is to just start where you are. But I am actually so ashamed of my appearance and body, it kind of paralyzes me.
Goal for today: Drink more water. Jump around for a few minutes here and there and dance with my 3 yr old today. Its not much but its something.
What inspires me: My own intelligence. Yeah that may sound a little extreme. But it’s not. I am a smart gal, so I know exactly what I need to be doing. I am good at research and learning, so I need to use that talent to get myself off my ass and start acting like a person who is dedicated to their health and well-being. I need to kick my own ass.
Today’s Quote: It’s never too late to become what you might have been. -George Eliot
A Mentor of mine: Drew Canole. Full of info on health, fitness and juice, this guy, is helpful beyond measure. Plus he is into videos on the internet, which I find extremely fantastical.
Question for you: What motivates you to exercise?

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