Making Lists

Today’s bits of this and that: Making lists and maps for life. Thinking about who I am and where I am going.
What? Been obsessing about making lists. Not just to list things like my favorite color…LOL. No. More like answering inspiring, motivating, spiritual, heavy loaded questions. Doing the hard thinking. Listing out my hopes, dreams, goals, wishes. What makes me tick. Where I want to go in life, who I am and what that means as a woman, wife and mother. Not to mention how my spirit soars and how to get more of that.
Why? As a symbol of love to my children, I think. In part. As a woman, I owe it to myself. I’d hopefully learn more about me and be better for it which is great for my hubby and kids too. Also admittedly it is part boredom, part desire, part getting to know me again. I just have a burning desire to list out my life and see where it leads.
Goal for the week: Not go crazy mopping up puppy pee.
What inspires me: Danielle LaPorte. Even if I am not getting her books yet, I am fully engaged in her presence.
Today’s Quote: If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit. Oprah Winfrey
Question for you: Are you working on your 2014 resolutions yet?

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