The New Year’s Thoughts.

Today’s bits of this and that:

Working on lists. Goals for the year, health accomplishments, mindset reboots, movement and flexibility renewal, and eating waaaay better.


It’s time to think about the new year. In that thought process, I reflect on what was, respect what is, and get all excited about what’s to come.


Because it’s a complete and total shake down on my life, my body and my mind. I need to work on ME. I need to get into better shape, I need to get reduce this massively painful carpal tunnel, I need more zen hippy love smiles moments. I crave laughter, I seek truth in spirit and I am anxious to read more interesting books, learn more ways to improve my life and grow more food this year.

Goal for today:

Today there is no goal. Okay, so I want to get dressed. That could be my goal.

What  inspires me:

Right now, everything inspires me. Gardening books, seed catalogs.  Danielle LaPortes new book that I don’t have but want. (The Desire Map) and getting my yoga on with a good Rodney Yee video.

Today’s Quote:

Carpe Diem

A Mentor of mine:


Question for you:

        What is your favorite room in the house?


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