My New Year’s Challenges

This year I am hitting the goals, wishes and challenges in my life pretty hard. Time to get in gear and make things happen.

My hopes are to get back the the happy hippy creative funny girl that I miss so much, and hit the personal health fitness routine pretty radically. I need to get in shape and lose some weight. Do more fun and creative activities with my girls. Garden more and grow much food more than the last year, and learn to create awesome meals with it. I need to make space for my spirit to thrive. Entering 2014 with ease and determination. It feels very necessary for me to accept the here and now but accept challenges, push myself to be better, and slowly grow and expand the ripple. Its fun, and challenging to have such intense aspirations. No doubt.

I am re-booting my nutrition and fitness ambitions with a few 30-day or weekly challenges. Besides trying to be vegan for my 30 days straight, I am also going to blog more, yoga more, give myself a break more, but not such a break as to completely sabotage my goals.

#1 – 30 days of juice. I am juicing for 30 days. Preferably 30 days in a row. But don’t hold your breath. I am a mom of four girls. Shit happens.

I have created 40 juice recipes found along the interwebs. Placing them on index cards.  My plan is to pull 7 at a time. Shop for it and have it set for the week. My favorites came from Drew Canole and Reboot with Joe. Personally I think its an excellent way to try new juices and organize what the heck you are planning to drink that week.

#2 – 30 days of smoothies.  Yes. Smoothies too.  Can’t hurt. I am not fasting – per se. But I am rebooting the heck out of my dietary choices, and getting this god pod jam packed with goodness.

There aren’t 30 days of smoothie recipes – yet.  I am still deciding if I should use a protein powder that contains whey. I probably will since I am frugal and don’t feel like buying all new powder. I have some vegan though, so I will probably incorporate all that I have to use up the supply. Will work on my 30 recipes today.

#3 – 30 days of fitness. Of some kind. I need to quantify this or I will fail miserably. So I have to decide if I am up to 30 days of yoga, walking, stretching, dancing, jumping around like a fool…or what exactly., when, how often or what….

#4 – once a week blog my heart out. But 30 days of writing in a paper journal some thoughts, some gratitude’s and random stuff.

#5 – once a week blog my progress on my juicing/smoothie/fitness challenges. 

#6 – NO FACEBOOK FOR 30 days.

#7 – once a week crafts with my kids

#8 – read 2 books. Heck read a magazine and a book would be great. from start to finish.

#9 – visit for 10 minutes one a day. Twice a day if I can.

#10 – soak up all kinds of interesting information and motivation from my mentors on Youtube or various websites. Take notes, put some advice into action. Then blog about it, make it public and soak it all in.

Lastly – 

#11 – Keep it easy, breezy, loving and light. Just for 30 days~ But continue to work on myself despite my self. Be true to me, share more, find more ways in which to serve, give back, be creative, enjoy the outdoors, always be grateful, and be the best mom I can be from right where I am.

More to come…



2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Challenges

  1. These habits are so going to help your mind heart body spirit align – but if/when you make a mistake, no big deal-ya just carry on-it’s about being the most awesome version of you-it’s not about perfection. If I can help you in any way, please let me. Call, text or email me if you are about to partake of an activity you’d rather not-or if you are need of a pep talk-or just want someone to listen! I fully support you Jennie-these are fantastic opportunities for growth! Happy New Year!

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