Tea and Flu

Simple quick note as I sit here at the computer.

I am trying to drink Tazo Zen Tea in place of my regular coffee. Not quite at the no caffeine at all, or just warm water and lemon stage yet.  I had such a headache yesterday I took 3 Advil, and drank a few sips of a chai tea with nothing added (no sugar, no cream). I needed the caffeine and the warmth. Headache eventually stayed away for a few hours.  That was a relief. I was actually getting waves of nausea.  I didn’t realize my 1-2 cups a day would be that powerful. But I do occasionally drink caffeinated soda too.  So, overall I am not that surprised.

For my own clarity…this isn’t a true detox.  It is: 30 days of juice/smoothies and 4 weeks of vegan. And technically my 4 weeks of vegan hasn’t even started yet.   Even though I am trying my damnedest to out do myself, I am more realistic. I am a mother of four girls, one is 4 months old.  I imagine I may taste a heated meal and it may contain meat or more likely, cheese.  Cheese is the devil in my house. It’s overly abundant and it is always requested.  

The flu: I think I am getting it or something like it. I have those body aches, headaches, sore throat, etc. Its not terrible, but its not normal and its not from one day of no coffee/cheese/meat/creamer. We shall see, I dislike being ill. (Who does?)

Today I am going to create a ton of garbage, clean up and start organizing the house. I think we will be moving in July/August. This rental house is just too small. I need more space, especially in the kitchen. I will show you pics. Its incredible how small our living space is. I am not one of those crazy bloggers who lives in a 500 sq foot home with 4 kids and loves to say she lives – SIMPLY. Simply my ass. No one wants to raise kids in a cracker jack box.  We need room to stretch, eat without bumping elbows and have a little privacy.  A little. I have had bigger living rooms in an apartment. This house has NO dining area and it is not a true eat in kitchen. Imagine that….a family of 6 living in a house with no eating area. AND we eat at the table for almost every meal. We don’t eat on the couch. So a new rental is – inevitable.

I hear my adorable baby coughing. Time to go. Not all my posts are going to be long, well designed or purposeful. But it’s a journal, more than a blog.  Going to work on a Wix blog next week. I am really not digging wordpress. By the way, how do you post on Wix? I saw how to design a page, but not how to post if its a blog….but I need time to go sit and learn on my own, I suppose.

Have a nice wintery day. 🙂 It’s cold, white and pretty outside.  But I am jealous of Connie living in Arizona….


4 thoughts on “Tea and Flu

  1. I had to add a widget of sorts to add the blogging ability at wix. I found out how by searching their support topics. You have to add it. I’m not sold on wix. It’s so beautiful and customizable, but community there is not.

    I hope you’re feeling better by now.

    I started drinking green tea with jasmine to replace my soda (aka: caffeine). It’s working, though I don’t suck it down like I did the pop. But that’s good, too. Plus, there’s no sugar, big bonus.

    1. Green Tea with Jasmine….hmmm sounds yummy! What else do yo like to drink? I should get some. I am doing a Chai Tea once in a while, no cream or sugar and some Tazo Zen straight up, oh and my all time fav…Earl Grey. Its a Star Trek nerd thing, but I do like it alot. I am though allowing myself 1 coffee with coconut milk creamer in the AM…I admit, it’s a pure enjoyment factor. I gotta have some bliss!! 🙂 Plus I wake up 1-2-3 times between 10-11pm and 5am, so I deserve it. I really do.

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