I have a few minutes, not.

It’s like winning the lottery, having a few minutes.  I took a couple minutes and read a blog or two.  I miss the slow feel of Xanga. I read to my hearts content and fell in love  with the honesty in the souls of those I “followed”.

Personally for me, I ramble with no true focus or purpose. It’s a heart felt bullshit ramble of sorts. Somedays I am all full of love and cheer, others its just like a twitter feed….nothing substantial. But I need it. My heart aches to write and have down time to think about myself. Is that odd? I really need that time to let the misspelled words flow freely. It gives me a sense of who I am and where I am headed in this short crazy beautiful hellish life.

I wish I could run. It’s probably a fantastic way to let the thoughts roll in and out with the breath. But I’d be panting and rolling on the ground in a heart attack or something quite awful. I guess in the winter meantime,  I will write and maybe walk, but its too cold to walk.

Even in rainy 55 degrees it feels dreadful to me.

If I could concentrate on a blog with purpose, I am pretty sure I’d find a way to make money doing it! Til then, we are stuck here with my blathering about nonsense and thoughts, dreams, wishes and whatever else comes to mind.

The baby is stirring, I hear her moving.  She must hear my typing. When babies sleep…the keyboard seems 10x louder. To me and them. Do they make super quite keyboards that moms can afford? Hm…

See, I can’t get a thought in. I mean…this was just supposed to be  lead in to a long post about something neat and interesting. But – today, this is all I got. There is a baby who needs me.


Namaste Ya’ll.



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