Been thinking

I am failing miserably on this 30 day vegan/juice/smoothie thing.  For various reasons. I can barely get enough time to type a simple post on here, life is not full of empty space or freedoms to blog, juice or smoothie regularly.

If I want to juice I am going to need to use my loud juicer, which isnt fun with a little baby at my hip 24/7. I had to return my new quieter supposedly better juicer that my hubs got me for Christmas. It was AWFUL.  What a mess that thing made!  Oh, and Amazon returns are amazingly simple, considering it’s all internet based. It is simpler than going to the store. No waiting in lines, no dealing with the happy people who are handling your return.  No ID needed, and they sent me the $ back before they even picked up the item via UPS.  Oh, how I love the Amazon store. BUT – sadly, Amazon now charges tax in my state which is no small amount, 10%. Ticks me off quite truthfully.  I loved getting away with no tax up front. Oh well, such as the way of the world I suppose.

Now to tell you something odd, I kind of want to create healthy meal plans and create a site for them. I can create them, use them, sample the food, experiment with recipes via the interwebs, while creating a site for that purpose. I do not want to make it all for a small fee either. I am sure if I could manage that some day, I certainly will. But for my sake it would be primarily for me, but sharing with anyone who comes across the page. Then if I get a bit of time to make it beautifully laid out with really nice printables, perhaps I can make a side income with it.

Thinking. Thinking.

I cant seem to blog anymore like I did on Xanga. I think now that I have my friends from Xanga, I feel like spilling my heart is too private. Right now I know that there are only a few of you seeing this.  It just doesn’t seem comfy and safe anymore if anyone can come across the page. Surely you may have noticed I can blab my heart out and want to, need to. But maybe I need a more private setting. Anyone know of a place where you can make certain posts visible to only a select few occasionally on a blog? I need a place where no filter is needed. Otherwise dear friends you may get long winded emails…. o.O


3 thoughts on “Been thinking

  1. That’s cool about amazon returns. The tax seems crazy high though. Is yhat the local sales tax rate?

    I feel the same way about blogging these days. Definitely miss protected posting.

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