Yeah, short but sweet. I am going to try to NOT use those abbreviations.  I am growing sooooo anxious for the internet to blow up! And ok cell phones too. 🙂 I am a 1850’s country girl at heart.  I need a horse, a root cellar and a few minions.

Technology is fabulous and I appreciate it so much. And as much as I am sneaking onto Facebook here and there just to feel a bit social…as I am still adjusting to being a stay at home mom in a cracker jack box, I mean house. But good LORD people, there is just so much crap and junk and stupidity. I long for a real attention span and a good long read online, a real feel. Everyone is socially marketing themselves and taking from the same pool of data and techniques that its all feeling very phony and staged. I am tired of reading about wellness and get the same message from every half interesting person. They are great, smart, well-intention-ed folk, but they might as well be the same person or share one website.

I dont need to pay for menu plans, I dont need to pay for supplements, I dont need your book, or your DVD’s. I just seek knowledge. But it seems it comes with a price tag and a social media “like/follow/subscribe” time drain.

No, I am not crabby. No, I really do enjoy learning. Yes, I need a good library. I need soulful inspiration, not tweets.

Sometimes I want to unsubscribe from everything and just find a real paper education on wellness, nutrition, soulful guidance, and a little real world.

Turn off the TV. Turn off the cell. Unplug the computer. Then go find myself a book I paid for and actually read it.

Could someone please come over and kick my butt? I am typing on a blog about how I need/want less internet. WTF. But I love you all so much and I truly need to hang out with coffee, or vodka and some wholesome vegan yummies, with my amazing friends who speak truth love hope and be me for real for a while.  I need to find some of you in the flesh, for reals.


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