I am moving my blogging again.

I am going to do most of my blogging publicly. Honestly and in a small odd set up but if you want…go visit. There are a few but the links to them on on each page at the top.  jenismind.blogspot.com is called Transforming the Mind.  It’s all spirit and buddha and ommmmmm goodness.  Then there is the foodie one: jeniskitch.blogspot.com where I might post my experiences with a recipe, maybe nutrition and  food thoughts, etc.  I also have a mom one where I will post about family stuff. jenisamom.blogspot.com then finally…the sharing one jenishares.blogspot.com where shit I don’t know what to do with…will go. It’s honestly probably where I will post the most because it’s like an internet bookmark for me. Things I like and want to share.

I will still use this blog but mostly to talk to you all in some weird direct way, like as if it were my xanga again.  Where my heart will be.

I am on a diet too and really really contemplating a vegan life with the exception to chicken, eggs, and some fish. So not really vegan at all but a work in progress.  But I digress my hubs is very much a junk food meat eater…it’s hard. Plus my 4 yr old LOVES Beef.

DO you think a mom like me who has a meat eating family could be light meat, eggs ok, maybe chicken here and there but live primarily off of the plant life?  Maybe do juice cleanses and detox weekends?

If you remember Abraham and the idea of going with the current, not to swim against the current….well, feeding a bunch of meat dairy lovers is against MY current.  If I lived in a cabin in a field, I’d only eat chicken eggs from my own chickens. The rest of the animal kingdom could live in peace. But damn guys this is rough. I still make meatballs and burgers. I am cooking chicken right now. Ugh.

Its not just vanity, its health and longevity I seek. Plus I HATE the thought that I am ingesting all that sadness and pain. Plants FEEL GOOD. I know that meat still tastes good to me…but I COULD live without it if I didn’t have family pressure.  Okay, I feel the cortisol growing in my belly LOL I need to go do something. LOL…..I love you guys. Go to one new blog and all the pages to the rest are there.  Namaste my friends.


One thought on “I am moving my blogging again.

  1. I feel the same way, about the going with the flow thing. I’d rather be vegan; I feel better when I eat that way (except for the grains which I can’t tolerate). It is hard being vegetarian but also a omnivore cook! Some days I can’t wait for the empty nest. Other days, I freak a little knowing the years are dwindling.

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